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Make the ultimate vacation dream come true: cruise on top of the deep blue Aegean, the sea spray in your hair, the sun caressing your face, dolphins on your side!

Hundreds of unexplored islands on the Aegean Archipelago, coves that only few visit and beaches where you can be really ALONE! Or, otherwise, start out from Kea in the morning, walk the streets of Syros and have lunch there at noon and still have time to go to cosmopolitan Mykonos in the afternoon, enjoy the sunset in little Venice, have a long night at Mykonos bars, just to enjoy the sunrise and coffee back in Kea in the morning!

We offer anything from small recreational to hard bottom inflattables to sailing boats to cruisers, with or without skipper, in collaboration with experienced trustworthy boat-chartering partners. You can either start your vacation in Kastellakia Bay, have your own boat to enjoy there for trips aroun the island or end it there after a short Aegean cruise, to shake off those wobbly sea legs.

Small boat rental

Zodiac-HBI rental

Sailing boat or cruiser rental

Rent a sailing or cruiser boat - with our without skipper. If you have a skippers license you can explore the island on your own.

Helicopter transfer

Our partner MAGNA is one of the most reliable and oldest private aircraft and helicopter operator in Greece. We can arrange fast and reliable transfer to and from almost any part of Greece at competitive prices.

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