NOTE: All services available to our Villa residents only!

Car rental

We can arrange for your car to wait at the Athens International Airport or Kea port for oyu. No hassles, you get in, drive to the ferry and villa! Off-road vehicles recommnded for exploration!

Van rental

For larger groups, we can arrange for van rentals, with or withour driver. Vans from 7 seats to 12.

Water taxi

In a rush to get to the beach or just missed the ferry? Our water taxi can take you righ tto our Bay in less thean 30 mins (weather permitting).

Small boat rental

Reasy for a little romantic escape at sea? We can arrange for a small boat with outboard rental from Koudouros, no license required!

Zodiac-HBI rental

Feel like flying over the waves, exploring remote beaches and coves? Rent a 5.5-9 m zodiac/hard bottom inflatable boat delivered to our Bay. Valid maritime licence a must!

Sailing boat or cruiser rental

Rent a sailing or cruiser boat - with our without skipper. If you have a skippers license, you can explore the island on your own. License mandatory.

Helicopter transfer

Our partner is one of the most reliable and oldest private aircraft and helicopter operator in Greece. Just…wing it!